Crunchyroll Fall 2016 Anime Lineup part 6


I’m probably going to cut the list short this season because there are 40+ new animes released this season we’ll see.



Ok… where do I begin… This is a fan service anime. That’s it that’s all thank you! *leaves the stage* No, but really this is a pure fanservice anime. It follows athletes in the keijo games which is a tournament that only women can participate in, but the only legal contact is with their boobs and but. This is not going to be an anime for me.


Kiitaro’s Yokai Picture Diary

This is a cute short slice of life anime about Kiitaro who gets kicked out of his grandfather’s house and goes to live in another building where youkai’s live. He makes a picture book to remember his time with his yokai friends. It’s a really cute anime that I will probably continue to watch. The anime style is really cute and the colours are pretty.


Miss Bernard said.

This short anime is the cutest. It about a girl who wants to be a good and avid reader but she can’t actually read books. She gets bored too easily and never completes the books she reads. I feel that every bookworm has someone like that in their entourage. I love this anime and will definitely be watching it regularly.


Yuri on Ice

After a defeat at the world prix of skating, Yuri gets into a slump and has to decide whether to continue or retire from skating. He gets over it rally quickly and goes back to skating. This is a sports anime through and through. The visuals for the skating routines are stunning and it’s old school, so there is no 3d animations. It a visually appealing show and the main character is lovable and real, however, due to my dislike of sports anime, it’s just not for me.



This anime starts off looking like it’s going to be a to be a goofy anime with a light-hearted character base but at the end of the 1st episode that dream is dashed. It is a very colourful anime and the basic idea is that there is a group of friends that have all ben sent to nakaban because they have escaped a series of other prisons in the past. However, 15 is trying to track down who put the black shackles on him. this is a really fun anime and I want to find out what happens in the end.


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