This anime was an interesting anime that I’m not sure how I feel about it. The main characters that are in a relationship have 5 years apart and normally that doesn’t bother me, however, the boy is in 5th grade and the girl is in 10th grade. I am not ok with the age range with people under the age of 18 really.

We follow Kaho Nikaido, a high school girl who is trying to get use to her life in Tokyo. However, once getting there she is nearly hit by a truck but thankfully, Kanade Takahashi is there to save her. He is very handsome and she fall in love at first sight, however, he has a secret. He’s a 5th grader and he’s certain that she’ll never want to be with him.

This anime has the same trepidation that I had with Super Lovers. The age of the youngest character is too young for me to truly get into the anime. Though it is funny, it left me feeling odd. If you can get over that the you should be fine.


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