The Handmaiden



This is not a movie appropriate for everyone. There is sex, there is torture and there is abuse. If any of those are not for you then don’t watch this movie. 

This movie follows 4 people primarily and their aim to reach their goal. We have Lady Hideko (Kim Min Hee), a rich woman who has inherited her family’s fortune. Hideko has been grom since she was 7 by her uncle Kouzuki (Cho Jin Woeng) to be his wife so he can take her money. Meanwhile, Count Fukiwara (He Jung Woo) wants to marry Hideoko himself so he can take her fortune. He hires Sook Hee (Kim Tae Ri), a local pick pocket, to be her handmaiden and convince her to marry him. 

This movie is fantastic and there are a lot of twists and turns when it comes to the plot that are interesting and can of catches you by surprise. I love the movie, even the sex scenes and the ending. The two female leads knocked it out of the park with this movie. Even though it’s not for everyone, if you are ok with the above I would say try to watch it but know that there is sex and some gruesome images.  



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