Diabolik Lovers



This is seen as a very sexy anime and I don’t know why. The anime follows Yui Komori moving into a shared house with the Sakamaki brothers after her father get’s transferred. She quickly finds out that they are actually vampires. Given that her blood smells rather delicious the abuse her all the while feeding on her. She tries to stay optimistic while she  tries to figure out each of the occupant’s pasts.

It is a short anime with each episode running about 15 minutes a piece. It is heavily character based and you almost feel like you’re in a dating sim. Though the story is quite abrasive, the character design is excellent. Each character is well developed and has their own distinct style which makes me understand the thrill of cosplaying as the characters.

This is a quick anime to watch to make your own decision but I can’t get over the abuse throughout the series.

Otaku Talks Anime – Diabolik Lovers

One thought on “Diabolik Lovers

  1. Tessa

    I love the characters in this except for Yui Komori. She bugs me to no end, although the abuse in this made me a little happy for the simple fact that the vampires are acting like actual vampires and not emotionally tormented emo teens :p Although some of it did have me flinching like what they did to the mother…

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