Jealousy Incarnate



I know I didn’t finish the recap but I did finish the series. This is series got hella strange near the half way point. I also don’t agree with Na Ri’s (Kong Hyo Jin) decision in the end. But, I need to be honest, we knew who the male lead was from the first episode.

We follow Pyo Na Ri, a weather girl, whose dream is to become a news anchor. For the better part of 3 years, she’s had Lee Hwa Shin (Cho Jung Seok). However, after a particularly sensitive news story, he goes to Bangkok. When she gets sent to Bangkok to shoot something with him, she meets Ko Jung Won (Ko Gyung Pyo) and gets interested in him and he in her. When Hwa Shin returns and Na Ri discovers a lump in his chest, He gets diagnosed with breast cancer. Na Ri helps him through the surgery and radiation, while she starts a relationship with Jung Won.

The chemistry between all the actors was fantastic, but I have some issues with the story. I know that Na Ri was going to be with Hwa Shin in the end of the story, however, he was just a negative person that I couldn’t see her getting with him. Jung Won was considerate and her rock but she ends up leaving him for Hwa Shin. Also about 3/4 of the way through both of the men suggest her dating both of them and they end up living together. I don’t see that every working. Natalia, @Soju_Nights on twitter, agree that this would have been perfect if it ended with a polyamorous relationship since for most of the show the 2 men are very compassionate towards each other. It’s an ok show, however, it is far from my favourite.



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