Sweetness and Lightning



This is a very cute anime what is based on a manga of the same name. There are only 12 episodes but it makes you wanting more.

We follow Inuzuka Kouhei, a high school math teacher and widower, as he struggles to become a better cook for his daughter Tsumugi. He and one of his students, Iida Kotori, start meeting and Iida’s mother’s restaurant and learn how to cook together. The three of them bond over their love of food.

This anime depicts fatherly love and parental devotion excellently. We see how much Inuzuka cares for Tsumugi and how rough it was for him to step up after his wife passed away. the animation style matches well with the anime, but I will warn you that you will get hungry watching this show so have a snack nearby.

Otaku Talks Anime – Sweetness & Lightning


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