Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (Charley Davidson #4)



So after Charley had a heart-to-heart with Reye’s human father, which led to her being tortured, Charley has never been the same. While dealing with PTSD and feeling hurt after her father’s betrayal, Charley needed a few months to stew. After a client pulls her out of the house to solve the case of who is trying to kill her. Charley is forced to face her feelings and her overwhelming anxiety with life.

Though I have talk with people who complained about how Charley reacted to the end of the last book. I think it was worked with perfectly. Charley was given a layer of humanity which makes her feel a bit more real. Her reaction to PTSD was perfect for the type of person that she’s been written as. We get to see more of the relationships that Charley has formed. She begins to explore her powers more, which opens a lot of possibilities for the future. Though Reyes isn’t a huge part of this book at first, I really want him to become Charley’s partner rather than her protector.

It’s a good book to continue the series. There are some things that rubbed me the wrong way, like Pari’s past, but nothing to stop reading over.


Fifth Grave Past the Light (Charley Davidson #5)


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