Say “I love you”



This movie has both an anime and a manga series that are related to them. Like most live action movies there is a lot that is cut out of the movie because it would just be too long to incorporate everything.

We follow Tachibana Mei (Kawaguchi Haruna) as she gets pursued by Kurosawa Yamato (Fukushi Sota). Tachibana is a socially awkward girl who has been hurt by people her entire life so she ha a hard time trusting people. Enter Kurosawa’s middle school best friend Takemura Kai (Ichikawa Tomohiro), he’s gone through the same things as Tachibana and can relate to her in a way that Kurosawa can’t. Who will she end up with?

I love the story and the cast was perfect in this movie. I’m a huge fan and I can definitely suggest this one to people. However, I will say that you should watch the anime and read the manga if you like this story line.

Otaku Talks Movies – Say I Love
Say “I Love You” Anime Review

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