This anime is based on a short running manga but the same name. The manga series and the anime series is complete so we can’t go hoping for more. This anime does deal with death, suicide and suicidal thoughts, so if these things trigger you I would suggest not watching this anime. This is also a slice-of-life romance comedy and it does it well while incorporating a little time travel.

So in the anime Takamiya Naho, a high school girl who gets a mysterious letter on the first day of school but brushes it off as a joke. When things happening she starts to believe it and starts to work hard on saving Naruse Kakeru’s life. The letter tells Naho that Kakeru died in an accident but they find out later that he had actually committed suicide. Naho makes it her life’s mission to save Kakeru, all the while falling in love with him.

This is a really good manga series. I will warn you if you’ve read the manga this anime is such a recreation that you will experience Déja-vu while watching this. It’s animation is perfect for the anime, even though there isn’t anything fancy about it. I would say it is worth a watch.

Otaku Talks Anime – Orange
Orange – オレンジ- Live Action Movie


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