This drama is based on a manga series by the same name. I sadly couldn’t really find anything else out about the series given that it ran from 1983 – 1990. If I can get my hands on it I would totally read it. It’s also a nice short drama with only 9 episodes.

So we’re following Shinigami #413 (Ono Satoshi) while he’s doing jobs. It is unclear if he’s new at being a shinigami or just a rule breaker as he keeps breaking very basic rules. Given the personality that he portrays, we assume he’s new. While out looking for his notebook, on his monitor’s (Kiritani Mirei) orders a devil, Akuma (Suda Masaki) escapes  into the world. Given the mistake, Shinigami-kun’s boss (Matsushige Yutaka) sends them to clean it up. Shinigami has to continue his regular duties while doing so.

This is a really fun show. I have never seen Ono before but he does an excellent job in this  role. You really feel for his character while he struggles with doing his job and having an attachment to humans.  The gates to the underworld is an excellent set and it makes me wish I had watched this during Halloween. Kiritani acts beautifully in this role, however, she mainly goes around and yells at Ono’s character. The outfits in this drama were great as well. Overall, I really enjoyed this drama.


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