Goblin: The Lonely and Great God Episode 3 Recap



The old lady’s voice replays from the time when She told Eun Tak’s mother to pray if she’s on the brink  of death. The driver of the car stops suddenly and we get to see Kim Shin’s (Gong Yoo) and Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) walking towards the car. The head lights of the car blow up and the kidnapper in the back tells the driver to gun it. Once he did, Kim Shin cuts the car in half. The 2 kidnappers continue moving much faster than Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) . Wang Yeo stops her side of the car and holds it up while she’s in it. We see Kim Shin let go of his sword and it disappears before going to see her. Shock starts to kick in and she starts to freak out and cry.

Screenshot 2016-12-09 19.22.14.png

Kim Shin opens her car door and suggests that she gets out of there. She nods and gathers her things, as per his instructions, before getting out. She stumbles and he asks if she’s hurt anywhere. While Kim Shin is checking on her, Wang Yeo lets go of the car and it falls to the group. She jumps into Kim Shin’s arms at the sudden noise. She asks him how he can ask if she’s hurt after he cut a car in 2. He doesn’t say anything and wraps her scarf around her neck. He asks her to stay there for a moment and goes towards the men. She suddenly realises that he plans on killing them. She accuses him of that and he assures her that he isn’t planning on doing that. She tries to use the fact that he brought the grim reaper and Wang yeo didn’t come to save her. Kim Shin assures her that he’s going to show them that he’s angry and that he’s going to make them wish they were dead.

Kim Shin goes over to them and tells them that for 2 days the road they are on will not exist on any map so no one will find them and they will be in a lot of pain. However, after 2 days the police with stumble upon them and they can repent for their sins with the police. He informs them that they should be happy that it’s not him punishing him and they should thank Eun Tak for their life. Wang Yeo goes to see them and tells them that they will not remember anything other than they had a horrible fight. He adds on that they will never reconcile and he walks off.

The trio walk down the street when Eun Tak started to ask them if they brought a car. Kim Shin admits that they don’t take cars very often, to which Wang Yeo nodded.  Wang Yeo starts talking in his head about how he would like to know when she’s going to thank them, to which Kim Shin reminds him that she’s a pissed off 19 years-old. She  mentions that she didn’t know that they were so close and that he would bring the grim reaper when someone was asking for help. Wang Yeo starts going on again and Kim Shin tells him to shut up, out loud. Eun Tak assumes that he’s talking to her and is hurt. When Wang Yeo tries to start pestering him again, he reminds him to shut up.

Kim Shin and Eun Tak are sitting across from each other when Eun Tak asks when he’s leaving. He assures her that he’s leaving soon but she tells him not to worry. She tells him that she’s investigated what Wang Yeo told her and it’s true that she’s not supposed to be alive and that Kim Shin saved her mother and her. She has decided to come to terms with that and has decided not to hate him. He mentions that it seems like she does, but she tells him that she doesn’t and she wanted to tell him that if they ever met again. She reiteratess that he still feels like she hates him and she assures him that she doesn’t. She promises him that she won’t wish for him or think about him so he can live a happy life. She wishes him luck find his bride and motions to leave. He asks her if he’s going to pay for the food that he hasn’t eaten. She counters that she doesn’t have any money. He promises her that he’ll buy if she eats. She doesn’t believe that he’s trying to feed her, but he reminds her that the kidnappers didn’t exactly feed her.

Duk Hwa (Yook Sung Jae) tells Kim Shin all about Eun Tak’s life up to date. He tells Kim Shin that the entire neighbourhood knew that Eun Tak’s mother left her 150 million won, (168k CAD) that she can’t have until she comes of age. Kim Shin is shocked that Duk Hwa can be useful at times. Duk Hwa asks him why he asked him to do all of this and Kim Shin tells him that it’s to punish them. Duk Hwa doesn’t understand how 2 gold bars is a punishment and wants them for himself.

Screenshot 2016-12-09 19.58.59.png

Eun Tak’s begins to grow worried when she doesn’t get a call back from the kidnappers. She is worried they may have killed her. Her children tell her not to worry and her son mentions that she shouldn’t have borrowed the money. She tells them that she should have let them starve. She searches Eun Tak’s things again and finds the gold bars. They believe that Eun Tak exchanged the money for gold bars. The son suggests that they split the money evenly but none of them trusts the either. The Aunt and male cousin fall asleep and when they wake up they find the daughter had taken the money. They going looking for her to no avail.

Kim Shin and Duk Hwa are out to eat when Duk Hwa’s grandfather calls. He assures him that Kim Shin is eating. He tries to talk to his grandfather about his card but he gets hung up on. He tells Kim Shin that he could fix his problem. Kim Shin, however, is zoned out watching the television. He tells Duk Hwa that the king that he protected 1000 years before looked like the lead singer of IKON and his wife was part of IOI.

He goes back home and tells Wang Yeo about it and he’s told that he would have to touch them to find out. Kim Shin, however, is absolutely certain that they are the reincarnations of the two people.

Wang Yeo goes to meet up with 2 new recruits as well as another senior grim reaper. He meets up with another grim reaper briefly and told about the special cases that need to be solved. Everyone knows he has 2 but he simply promises to take care of them. The new woman grim reaper introduces herself before going on. They don’t know why she became a grim reaper when she could have been an angel. Wang Yeo teases the other reaper of enjoying her the most and then walks away to do his job. He meets up with the doctor and informs him of his death due to overwork. Wang Yeo does tell him that the patient was saved thanks to him and that calms him. Late on while eating, Wang Yeo looks over his paperwork.

Screenshot 2016-12-09 21.04.17.png

No matter where Eun Tak goes she can’t forget Kim Shin. She thinks back to the time she spent with him while Kim Shin does the same.

Eun Tak goes back to the bookstore and looks for the book that she put the leaf in. She can’t believe that someone found it and then overhears Duk Hwa wanting to return it. She tells him that she’ll buy it. When he asks where the leaf is from she tells him that he wouldn’t know anyways. She thanks him for the leaf as she thought she lost it. He mentions that she seems a little old to be reading those bs\ooks. She mentions the same thing to him and he mentions that he knows a goblin. He tries to play it off before asking for his money.

He arrives back home to find his grandfather and Wang Yeo standing in the living room. Wang Yeo tries to pass as Kim Shin’s friend, however, Kim Shin kicks them out. Wang Yeo and Duk Hwa sit on the stoop complaining about how Kim Shin treated them. Duk Hwa assures Wang Yeo that his grandfather should leave soon and Wang Yeo freezes some ground as a warning. Kim Shin lets Wang Yeo back in and tells him that it’s 1:0. After his shower, Kim Shin comes out to find a towel with a mark. He calls to Wang Yeo to clean it up.

Kim Sun calls Eun Tak over and asks her if she’s been sleeping at the store. Eun Tak apologises and asks how she found out. He shows her the tooth brush and then mentions that she also found the notes. She asks if it was because of her aunt and she agrees with her. She tells her she’s ok with it and hands her a weekly salary. She tells her to grill some squid before she leaves. Eun Tak thanks her for her coolness about the situation.

Eun Tak goes to grill the squid but she gets lost in thoughts about Kim Shin, and the legs catch on fire. She blows out the flame and summons Kim Shin by accident. He was browsing a bookstore when he was summoned. She apologises for summoning him and when he mentions that she promised not to summon him, she assures him it was an accident. He goes to leave but she tries to get him to tell her what it is that she’s supposes to see. He asks if she sees anything that looks painful while pointing to his chest. She acts like she does and manages to get a meal out of him for free.

Screenshot 2016-12-09 21.36.08.png

She doesn’t mention being able to see it, so he takes her for juice. Wang Yeo shows up and wants an order but Kim Shin refuses to buy him one. They all sit at a table and Eun Tak eyes Wang Yeo wearily. He tells her that he came for the juice and when Kim Shin jokes about someone dying he reminds him that he’s a regular. Eun Tak is worried that she’s going to die and he tells her that he’s on her side. She is confused by what he mean but he tries to tell her about the sword but she can’t hear her. Wang Yeo gets calls away by work and Eun Tak relaxes. She tells Kim Shin that Wang Yeo is unnaturally handsome. He gets jealous and takes her drink away but she mentions another person being handsome and when he turns to look he sees the man. He plays around a little and makes the man she mentioned and the woman who just walk in fall in love after 3 small little incidences.

Eun Tak and Kim Shin leave the restaurant and she likens him to cupid. He mentions that he knew the man in a past life and he just wanted to set him up. She asked if he saved his country or something but when he tells her about how he was a low life who took advantage of his tenants she can’t believe he acted like a guardian angel to bad people. He tells her that he was actually protecting their significant others and they will be each other’s hell. She mentions how cool he is and then points out that he’s been talking in the dialect of someone from a historical drama and he seems surprised that it popped out. She tries to trick him into telling her about her past life but he doesn’t know. He asks again if she can see it, but she tells him that it’s the end for them and parts ways. She begins to walk away, however, sh turns back around and they look at his eyes.

Kim Shin is thinking about her when Duk Hwa comes in. He mentions that he might be able to become a grim reaper like Wang Yeo. Kim Shin starts to answer the questions and mentioning that he would have to commit a large sin to become the grim reaper. He stops part way and asks how he knew that Wang yeo was a grim reaper. Duk Hwa reminds him about when his was brooding and they talked about it in front of him. He starts to describe Wang Yeo but he pops up next to him. Duk Hwa tries to run away but Wang Yeo stops him and asks him how he knew. The same explanation follows and Kim Shin is blamed for Duk Hwa knowing. Kim Shin tells him that Wang Yeo must have been a murderer and Wang Yeo takes offence to that before leaving.

Wang Yeo is furious and starts writing down sins, before asking Kim Shin why he’s there. He admits that he crossed a line and apologises to Wang Yeo for it. When Wang Yeo asks him what sin he did, Kim Shin admits that he doesn’t know his past. Wang yeo asks if it matter and Kim Shin mentions that it doesn’t matter since he would hate him regardless. This makes Wang Yeo laugh before he catches himself.

Duk Hwa mentions that when Wang Yeo moved in he was certain that Kim Shin was going to hate him but they’re actually getting along. His grandfather tells him that one of them is sad because he can’t remember his past and the other is sad because he remembers it. However way they look at it, though, they are but a blip in the God’s lives. We pull away to find out that Duk Hwa has been standing in a chair squat for the conversation.

Duk Hwa goes to the building that he got for his 8tbirthdayay and he wants to breath new life into so he wants to empty the store front. When he starts to talk about his plans to the secretary,secretary Cha reminds him that they didn’t come together but rather he was following him. He starts asking for another card but Cha refuses to go against his grandfather’s ruling.

Kim Shin is reading when Wang Yeo comes out. He asks where he’s heading and Wang Yeo claims to be headed to the supermarket. They go shopping together and Wang Yeo mentions that he can’t believe he followed him there. Kim Shin admits to his suspicion of him wanting to take Eun Tak. Wang Yeo promises that he’s on her side as if she pulls the sword from his chest than he dies. It would work out better for him if Kim Shin dies rather than just leaves. Kim Shin promises to leave if Wang Yeo does one thing for him and that’s to not touch Eun Tak if he leaves. He promises to leave in 2 days and promises to return if he tries to take her again.

Screenshot 2016-12-09 22.27.36.png

Kim Shin steps out of the grocery store and steps right in front of Eun Tak’s house. She comes in and when she notices him she quickly pulls him away. She begins to worry if anyone saw him and mentions that her aunt would kill her. She asks what he was doing there and he admits that he wanted to see her. She goes on to list all the reasons that he shouldn’t want to see her but he did anyways. He goes to leave when he tells her that her family has disappeared and she can go in the house. He asks why she came back and she admits that she needed something but doesn’t want to tell him what it is.

Wang Yeo is walking when a street vendor tries to sell him a hairpin. He tells her that he doesn’t need one but when she raises the mirror and shines the light on his eyes he notices the jade ring. He leans in to take a closer look when Sun picks it up. (OMG he’s the king!!!!!!) He stands up and looks at her, but Sunny is surprised that he’s crying and points it out. She asks if he wants her to give it to him and he nods but she won’t give it for free and wants his number. He admits that he doesn’t have one and she finds it hard to believe. He asks her to write down her number and he’ll call her. She introduces herself as Sunny. The street vendor warns them that they will be paying a high price.

Kim Shin pulls out a scroll of the Queen he loved so much and he remembers taking it from the King’s collection before burning the rest. He cries silently while looking at the painting.

Eun Tak ignores the ghost while cleaning and when Sunny explodes it scares the ghost. Sunny doesn’t know why Wang Yeo hasn’t called her back. Eun Tak tries to calm her but Sunny is hell bent on getting Wang Yeo to call her back.

Eun Tak goes to her house and finds that her auth has put the house up for school and she doesn’t know what she should do next. She takes her bouquet from

the house and tries to save a few of the remaining stock in her book. The next day at school she gets asked to see the teacher and gets treated like a trouble student, when in fact, she’s being framed. The school buly smiles while listening in to the conversation.

Wang Yeo goes to drink a beer but Kim Shin takes it from him. Wang Yeo asks him why he’s drinking and Kim Shin replies that he could ask that too. Kim Shin mentions the women, drink and meat were all easy when he was a general. Wang Yeo was surprised to find out his past. A little later Kim Shin keeps going in and out of a door but he can’t find Eun Tak. Finally, Wang Yeo asks him what he’s doing and Kim Shin tells him he can’t find Eun Tak. When Wang Yeo asks how he found her that last times he admits that he went looking for her similarly to what he did today. He grabs an umbrella and when he goes back and doesn’t come back Wang Yeo assumes that he found her.

Screenshot 2016-12-09 23.18.44.png

Eun Tak talks with her mother and admits that she’s not doing well. She complains that no one asks her how she’s feeling. When the rain starts she complains that her life is always getting rained on. She notices the rain stops hitting her and turns to see Kim Shin holding an umbrella. He tells her that it’s because he’s sad that it’s raining. She tells him that now she’s going to think of him every time it rains because she’ll think he’s sad. He mentions her clothes being too thin for the weather and she admits that because she is miserable it helps her feel better. She assures him that she didn’t call and he agrees that she didn’t. She tells him that a human life has 4 stages, 1st stage to plant the seeds, 2nd stage to water the seeds, 3rd stage to harvest the plants and 4th to use the crop. Kim Shin is surprised that she knows it as it’s what a grim reaper tells a soul whose passing. She reminds him that she can talk with ghosts and she also mentions that she finds it unfair that she’s stuck in the 1st part. He mentions that all kids lives are like that. She insists that kids have it better as they get praised. She hands him the leaf and he agrees with her that it’s pretty. He pats her head and tells her that he’s leaving the next day and he hopes she stays well.

Kim Shin and Wang Yeo are on the couch when the doorbell rings. Wang Yeo tells him he has a text but Kim Shin corrects him and tells him that it’s been 60 years since someone used it. Suddenly they are both really scared.

Wang Yeo goes out to find Eun Tak waiting for him. She is surprised that he’s there and assumes she’s at the wrong house, but when she turns around Kim Shin is there. Wang Yeo can’t believe he told her where he lived but Eun Tak admits that she asked the local ghosts. Wang Yeo dismisses himself to give them privacy. Eun Tak asks him what of 3 situations is likely to happen. She asks him not to go but he doesn’t believe that she can see the blade. Finally, she mentions that she can see it and points right at the blade. Kim Shin is in shock at her mention of the blade and it closes off the episode.

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