Goblin : The Lonely and Great God Episode 4 Recap



We return back to the end of the last episode when Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) reveals that she can see the sword. Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) inquires to why she didn’t mention it earlier. She admits that at first, she wanted to be polite, after that she was mad at him and didn’t want to mention it. Finally, she was scared of what would happen if she did tell him that she saw the sword. She asks if he won’t leave anymore and he tells her that now he must make plans for him leaving much farther away. She asks what the first thing she should do as his wife and he tells her to go there.

Kim Shin runs upstairs to talk with Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook) and tells him about Eun Tak seeing the blade. Wang Yeo is confused and mentions that it’s a good thing that she can see the sword because now he can die. Kim Shin is unsure how he feels about finding out that he can rest in peace once more. Wang Yeo promises that he will be the one to escort him. However, Wang Yeo shutters at the paperwork that will be required. Wang Yeo tells Kim Shin that he’s not allowed to get her mad and Kim Shin admits that he’d rather die. While talking the doorbell rings.

They go outside and Kim Shin complains the Eun Tak couldn’t wait for a little while. She tells him that she’s waited for a long time as she’s always known she’s the goblin’s bride. She starts going on about her life and acting sappy. Wang Yeo interjects and mentions that he’s seen the drama. Eun Tak continues to tell him about how tough her life is and he reminds her who he lives with. She admits she’d rather die in a house then n the street. She asks him to make sure that Wang Yeo doesn’t take her. Wang Yeo starts to talk but Kim Shin cuts him off and tells her to wait for him in the living room and not to move. Of course when she walks in she goes straight up the stairs.

Kim Shin can’t believe Wang Yeo nearly told her. Wang Yeo admits that he doesn’t know why he can’t tell her that he’s going to be his escort. Kim Shin reminds him that if he tells her that it’s just the cherry on top of her misery sundae. He makes him promise not to come out and when Wang Yeo asks if he has a plan. He admits that he does but it’s a little harsh.

Kim Shin hands Eun Tak the money and she refuses it, telling him that she was ignorant of a few facts when she made the request. She mentions that now that she’s seen the house that it’s a perfect place for children to be raised. She thinks her words about how he’s handsome and cool but Kim Shin confesses that it was a lie. She asks about how he knew that she was in danger and he admits that he doesn’t know because he just felt it and he thinks it’s because of her birthmark. She screams at him about how she’s been careful about her thoughts as to hide the fact that she was thinking about him. Kim Shin admits that he’s confused at her sudden confession and she asks him why as she’s already told him she’s his bride. She asks him if she can unpack or not. He mentions that there wasn’t an option like that and then she inquires for a possible 4th option.

Duk Hwa (Yook Sung Jae) comes in the hotel suit to find his grandfather (Kim Seong Keom) bowing to Eun Tak. Duk Hwa is shocked and asks what she’s doing there. His grandfather dismisses him and tells Eun Tak that Duk Hwa lives the floor below and she can order him around however she likes. He doesn’t trust his grandson to behave so he gives Eun Tak his card and she’s shocked that he’s the chairman. The 2 men excuse themselves and Eun Tak goes to play around with the room. When she settles down, she finds it eerie that she’s there all alone.

Duk Hwa asks who she is but his grandfather tells him that he doesn’t need to know. He tells Duk Hwa to make sure she has everything that she needs because she holds a very strong fate. When Duk Hwa asks what, his grandfather reminds him about his credit card. Duk Hwa can’t believe that his credit card fate depends on Eun Tak.

Duk Hwa goes to see Kim Shin to tell him about Eun Tak, only to find him taking out pills. He lists off the pills and Duk Hwa wonders why he’s taking them. He admits that he’s on the brink of a nervous wreck. He takes the pills and walks away. Moments later, Wang Yeo comes and does the same. He admits that he’s having the same symptoms and couldn’t understand why he wept when meeting the woman. Duk Hwa thinks that they’re both nuts.

Eun Tak if at work fixing the napkins while the television goes on about how bipolar, depression and insomnia are becoming more frequent in the population because people doesn’t take care of their mental health. As the announcer lists the symptoms we are graced with Kim Shin experiencing all of them. The one scene I loved the most what Kim Shin complaining to Wang yeo about his stomach ache and Wang Yeo reminding him that he can’t die unless Eun Tak takes the sword out. He takes it the wrong way and gets mad at Wang Yeo, screaming at him that he should just tell Eun Tak to take the sword out. Wang Yeo asks if he’s holding back tears.  Kim Shin admits that he was and leaves crying.

Eun Tak leaves the hotel and notices the rain clouds on the horizon and wonders if Kim Shin is depressed. We get a brief moment of Kim Shin looking at the maple leaf sadly. Eun Tak screams at the sky and gets so weird looks from some passer-bys. She rummages in her bag when Duk Hwa pulls up. He gets out of the car and tells her that he’s escorting her to school and she tries to tell him to talk informally to her. He assures her he doesn’t want to because someone will tell his grandfather even if she doesn’t.

Duk Hwa pulls up to the school and she tries to hide from her peers but he gets out of the car and opens her door. He tells her that he’ll do the same thing the following day if she doesn’t get out then. She makes him promise not to and he promises he won’t. Someone in the crowd mentions her name and he finally clicks as to who she is. He mentions that she knows his uncle and then asks what happened to her aunt. He used the works punishment and gold together which in Korean make up the word fine. She asks if her aunt has some fines to pay and he admits that he doesn’t know.

Screenshot 2016-12-10 20.29.05.png

The aforementioned trio are in a store and the owner asks where they got the gold from. The aunt takes an offence to it. The jeweller mentions that the bars are such good quality that he wondered where they got it. The Aunt mentions that they were an inheritance. The Jeweller asks the girl what happened to her face and she mentions that her mother hit her. The Jeweller tells them that he’s going to get some equipment to check them out.

The trio are brought into the police station and are accused of stealing the gold. The aunt takes offence and tells the police officer that she found them in her niece’s room. Her son mentions that it’s stealing and she hits him. The police officer tells her to sit and when she does he asks her why she lied. She assures him that she didn’t lie just never told the jeweller that it was her inheritance. The policeman asks them what her for her niece’s name but they can’t seem to remember, they can’t even remember their address in Seoul.

Duk Hwa asks why Eun Tak is Kim Shin’s bride and Wang Yeo admits that he doesn’t know. He puts it up to god’s jokes. Duk Hwa assumes that Kim shin is sad because Eun Tak isn’t his type. He also decides to point out the plate that Wang Yeo just froze and inquires if he’s still thinking about Sunny. Wang Yeo describes her but assures Duk Hwa that he’s never seen her before. Wang Yeo then goes around looking for Sunny.

We see a man die with his wife and then we cut to Kim Shin getting ready. Kim Shin goes to leave when he comes upon Wang Yeo. Wang Yeo asks if he is heading to a formal affair or a funeral but Kim Shin tells him that he’s feeling solemn. Kim Shin asks him if he works abroad and if he would be able to help him that evening.

Eun Tak arrives at the hotel and looks around but find Kim Shin not there. She starts doing her homework before getting mad and wondering why Kim Shin is beeing mean to her. She goes to his house and screams at the door. She tells him that even if he ignores her that she’s going to summon him in the most embarrassing place. She wonders if she’s to wait longer if because she’s already waited for so long. (Girl he’s waited over 1000 years.)

Kim Shin is sitting at Wang Yeo’s place in the tea room when the boy from all those years ago (1st episode) comes in. They greet each other like old friends and Kim Shin teases the boy about not writing 4 for the 17th answer. He admits that he couldn’t as he had given him the answer. Kim Shin tells him that he’s proud of him for how he handled his life and how he became a lawyer. The boy tells him that he has always worked as though he was watch as a way to repay the sandwich. Kim Shin tells him that he’s handed out thousands of sandwiches but not many people are like him which made him root for him. The boy thanked him and asked where he was to go now. Kim Shin tells him that afterlife is a u-turn and he is to head out the way he came. The boy gets to the door and looks back once more before heading up the stairwell to heaven. Wang Yeo asks him why he did that as it was not his job, as it is his. Kim Shin tells him that he wouldn’t be cool if he hadn’t.

Screenshot 2016-12-10 20.58.59.png

Kim Shin is standing in the lobby of the hotel when Eun Tak summons him. she asks where he’s been since he wasn’t at his house. The fact that she went to his house surprises him a little. She asks why he’s been avoiding her and she assures her that he hasn’t been avoiding her that he’s been busy. She doesn’t believe him and then warns him not to run away or else she’ll blow out the candles. He asks how she got them and she admits that Duk Hwa got them for her and he curses the boy. She asks to stay with him because of the empty rooms and again Kim Shin curses Duk Hwa for telling her about his house. He gets a beer and asks if she’s eaten and offers to order room service while sidestepping the question.

They go out and she gets a tonne of junk food. He asks her if that’s all she wants and assures her that he still has plenty of cash. Eun Tak notices that Kim Shin is really drunk after 2 beers and she can’t believe it. They end up walking home and Kim Shin assures her that he will walk her home. She starts asking questions about his past. When she gets to how many brides there have been, he assures her that she’s the first and the last as of his will. She asks what would happen if she doesn’t become his bride and he tells her that she’s the only one who can pull the sword from his chest. He tells her it’s to make him pretty. They plan for it to be the day of the first snowfall.

Duk Hwa comes into Kim Shin’s room and shows him the newspaper articles about the flowers showing up. He accuses him of getting drunk and he assures him that it’s not the case. Duk Hwa doesn’t know what he’s going to do because at least the rain and snow are put up to the weather.

They go a get stew and sit at the table where Wang Yeo is sitting. He’s wearing his hat however so Duk Hwa can’t see him. They eat and watch the drama where there is a surprise ending. They walk outside and when Kim Shin sees Duk Hwa drink some milk he freaks out and remembers that he told Eun Tak about the sword. He starts talking to Wang Yeo and Duk Hwa mentions that he’s crazy before trying to get his uncle to stop acting crazy.

Screenshot 2016-12-10 21.27.53.png

Sunny (Yoo In Na) goes to get her makeup done and helps the makeup artist sell a few eye shadows. The artist asks if she’s going on a date but she admits that she’s simply waiting for his call and wonders why he hasn’t called. She wonders if he may be playing hard to get.

Wang Yeo is walking downtown, but every woman he walks by looks like Sunny to him. He’s pretty sure he’s going crazy and runs away.

Sunny and Eun Tak are at the restaurant and Eun Tak asks her why she’s always looking out the window. She tells her that she always seems to be waiting for someone. Eun Tak assumes it’s customers when it’s really Wang Yeo. Sunny corrects her and says she wants a king on a white steed.

Eun Tak is looking at Shin Woo’s, the grandfather, business card when a girl from class takes it from her. They ask if she picked it up somewhere and she tells them that she was given it. The mains girl asks if it’s the man you dropped her off that morning or the other man that she saw her with. A cigarette appears in her hand and she starts holding it like she normally does. The teacher catches her and though she tries to explain that it’s Eun Tak but another classmate helps her out. We finally see the back of the class with the 4 ghosts sitting there and being the culprits of the incident. As the leave school, the ghosts are so proud of what they did and Eun Tak thanks them. They stop talking and when she turns around she sees Kim Shin.

Screenshot 2016-12-10 21.48.35.png

Eun Tak gets in the car and mentions that she thought that he didn’t drive. He assures her that he wanted to show off his car. After he mentions the night before he asks her if he did anything weird and she assumes that he’s forgotten. She asks if he’s hungry and if he would like to eat. He inquires to why she’s always asking him that and she tells him that she wants to eat with him. He offers beef and she agrees. He pulls the car over and tells her to stay still. He gets out and goes around the car, the next thing she knows she’s back in Quebec.

She is excited to be back and he brings her to a restaurant. He inquires to what the hilt looks like and she tells him that there is a tiger on it. When he asks if it’s cool she tells him it isn’t. She admits that she did some research and couldn’t find out why the blade was there. He tells her that a person he least suspected put it there. She asks for his age and he tells her he’s 939 years old. She decided that it must be a very sad story.

Once finished, they go for a walk and Eun Tak mentions that he’s very happy for a person with a sad past. He tells her that it’s been nearly 1000 years and there is nothing sad enough for you to stay sad for that long, nor a love that will last that long. she wants to bet that there is but he refuses her bet. She asks if he doesn’t want her to the bride and suggests pulling out the sword, however, he starts running away from her. She asks him to summon his bat and he tells her that he doesn’t have one. What he does pull out is a sword. He lets the sword go and splashes Eun Tak with the water that is left on his hands. She tries to splash him back but he uses his powers. She complains about not having powers like him and then tells him to stay there.  She hands him a book and tells him that she has some business to take care of.

She goes to the hotel and writes a letter before heading back to meet with him. He’s sitting on a bench reading the book that she left with him. She calls to him from across the street and he smiles. She walks and the paint changes colour under her feet and she has fun with it. The poem he was just reading runs through his minds and he realises that it’s the first time that he’s fallen in love. He has a very serious face when she arrives and she asks if he’s mad. He holds her gaze without saying a word.

Screenshot 2016-12-10 22.12.23.png

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God Episode 3 Recap


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