Turbo Twenty Three (Stephanie Plum Series #23)


Ok… So I know that I have reviewed the first book of the series and now the 23rd. I have been reading this series since I was 15, so there are a lot of them to cover. If you want me to review the rest of the series let me know in a comment and I’ll try to add a second day of reviewing books for you. Be warned, it will take nearly 6 months of weekly posts to catch up with the series.


So Turbo 23 is the latest audio book to come out in this series. I have fallen in love with the narrator, Lorelei King many years ago when my father would listen to audio books.

We follow out favourite bounty hunter, Stephani Plum, through her ordeal. While out capturing a felon, Stephanie and her partner Lula, stumble onto a murder. A man was killed, frozen, dressed up as a bogart bar and put in the back of a stolen bogart truck. Ranger had been brought in by the owner of Bogart Icecream as their new security specialists. Ranger brings Stephanie in as a consultant between her bond cases. With the murders piling up,  they have to find out who’s behind it.

This is an excellent book. They keep getting better and better. I’m still a fan of the Ranger and Stephanie pairing and we get that quite a bit in this book. Though after 23 books it is every formulaic, Evanovich keeps finding interesting ways of killing people and odd crimes that are being committed. Ranger is more vocal in this books, a bit more that I recall from that last on, but then again after seeing him kill a man nothing else can surprise Stephanie about him. Morelli is turned into a secondary character in this book and that saddens me, and there doesn’t seem to be much hatred left between then after Ranger saved Stephanie’s life last book. I still really liked this book and the series is still one of my favourites.


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