B – Project



This is not your standard idol anime as one would believe at the beginning. I’m not an idol anime type of girl, but I really liked this one. It feels more geared to the slice of life style.

We follow the b-project, this is an idol group made up of 3 smaller idol group, and their AR Tsubasa Sumisora. Tsubas must, not only, struggle to figure out what her job actually is, but she must also try and warm the 3 groups up to the idea of being 1 big group. The group must go through their trials and tribulations as the strive to get closer as a group and succeed in the music industry.

You will be having to get use to remembering a tonne of names in this anime just because there are 10 members to b-project and 3 smaller groups. At the beginning, the episodes focused on 1 group at a time before finally focusing on the largest group at the end. The formula for the show is very interesting and the characters, though there are many, are well fleshed out and expanded on. Due to this being the type of show it is, I really can’t discuss the plot points without ruining some of the story. If you want a bit more of a deeper look click the link below. (I know it’s not there yet… come back in a few hours and I’ll have added the link.)

Otaku Talks Anime – B – Project


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