Love Live! School Idol Project



I want to say that this is the first introduction to idol animes but I’m not sure if Kaikan Phrase (Sensual Phrase) is considered an idol story or just a shonen with a heavy emphasis on music. I don’t think that category idol anime was around back then.

We follow a group of girls as the push through their issues and become a school’s idol group. They mix and match their different personalities to make a group that works. Their goal in making this group is to increase the new students applying at the school in order to keep the school open.

This anime is very focused on their singing and dancing so there isn’t much of a story, however, the graphics around their dancing is awesome. If you don’t like 3d animation then you will probably not like the dance scenes. I enjoyed it but there just isn’t anything really to discuss. It’s a formulaic idol anime. it’s solid enough but it’s not going to change your life.

Otaku Talks Anime – Love Live! School Idol Project


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