Taboo Tatoo



I’ll be honest, I left this till the end because it confused the hell out of me. I would love to say that I followed this perfectly but that would be a lie. I watched it all the way through and still had questions and felt like I missed something. This is based on a manga by the same name so maybe it makes more sense when reading that.

The concept is simple and interesting. We follow Seigi Akatsuka, a young martial artist. One day he saves an old man on the street from some thugs and is given a gift. This first is a tattoo that is imprinted on his palm. This tattoo, however, is a weapon that has gives Seigi a set of supernatural powers. This drags Seigi into a cross-national conspiracy and he must decide who he’s going to side with.

It starts off pretty interesting. Had they stuck with the 1st plot line I would have loved it, but when the princess was introduced it get really weird. I’m going to sit down and read the manga because I feel like I might have missed something. The art style is interesting as is the story line. I think this anime just might not be for me, even though I really was hoping I would like it. It ends up making sense, in the end, however, I feel like something might be missing in the middle.

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