Vampire in Love



This is a really cliché movie and another one containing Kiritani Mirei. She does a fantastic job, I just wish the movie was better.

So we follow Kiira (Kiritani Mirei), a young vampire who is in love. However, due to an attack on her parent’s mansion resulting in their death, Kiira’s pulled away from everything that she’s known grandfather, Sojiro (Emoto Akira). This also pulls her away from Tetsu (Totsuka Shota), the boy she fell in love with. She is constantly looking for him after crossing paths for a moment years before.

The premise is cheesy so I don’t know why I expected any more from this movie. I’m going to blame it on the fact that I’ve been spoiled by the good movies that I have been watching lately. The filmography is fantastic and most of the actors acting was good. Maybe it’s because Totsuka has the least experience acting, I found some of his scenes awkward, but since this was his 2nd time acting and 1st as a lead I’ll let him slide. Also, Vampires who run a bakery is a little weird in my humble opinion. Overall, it’s fun but not something to put at the top of the to watch list.

Otaku Talk Movies – Vampire In Love


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