Say “I Love You”



I love this story. It’s a very cute anime that is based on a manga by the same name. Though I enjoyed the movie, the anime is so much better.

We follow Tachibana Mei, a quiet girl who has trouble trusting people because of a traumatic experience as a child. This, however, doesn’t stop Kurosawa Yamato from falling for her and forcing himself int her life. Slowly their relationship grows as they get to know each other. Tachibana starts to come out of her shell and starts interacting with people more.

I’m pretty sure I found the anime first before starting the manga. Though the movie is a great jumping off point, the anime really fills in some of the holes left from the movie. This is a really cute anime and the story is very real. I love the characters in this story and they are not so over the top that you can’t relate to them. Overall, I love this anime and it’s worth the watch.

Say “I love you” Live Action Movie
Otaku Talks Anime – Say I Love You Podcast

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