The Liar and His Lover



I didn’t know walking in that this was a film starring Kubota Masataka, but it is. He plays the second male lead in this movie and he does it wonderfully. I had forgotten how much I love watching him act.

We follow Ogasawara Aki (Satou Takeru), the main songwriter for the band Crude Play. He left the band right before their debut but continues to write their songs after he was replaced by Shinhara Shinya (Kubota Masataka). He meets a 16-year-old girl who is the daughter of a local vegetable stall owner. She has a talented voice and they start seeing each other. To hide the fact that he’s Aki from Crude Play, he borrows Shinya’s name. And thus starts his cycle of lies.

This is an excellent movie. It uses music very well and plays to the actors’ strengths. Though this movie is based on a movie, it is not as awkward as most of the transition movies are. They tone down the extreme reactions, except for a few, and made it very relatable. The love story is believable, however, I would feel really weird dating someone 10 years my junior but that’s just me. Overall, the writing was fantastic, it was shot perfectly and the actors did an awesome job. I really wish it was lnger than 2 hrs.


The Watch Maker of Filigree Street



I think this is the first time in a very long while that I am reviewing a book that is not part of a series. I actually picked this book but because of the cover and stayed for the synopsis. I will admit, I found it fun that only I would read my first steampunk novel and it contains Japanese imperials in the story.

We follow Thaniel Steepleton, a switchboard operator for Scotland yard. One day, his apartment was broken into, but instead of anything being stolen, an intricate pocket watch as left for him. Six months later, that same pocket watch saved his life. He goes looking for watchmaker, Keita Mori, a Japanese immigrant. Though at first Mori seems harmless at first, a long string of coincidences starts piling up, starts putting doubts in Steepleton’s mind about the Japanese man. While trying to protect his friend, Steepleton must fight try and convince the police that Mori is innocent.

This is the first time that I’ve read a steampunk-y novel. I hesitate to call it steampunk because it seems to be limited to clockwork and there are some supernatural aspects to it. However, regardless of its genre, this is an excellent book. It was a little slow to get into, but I have that issue with a lot of books. The story also takes a left turn somewhere that made it a little odder that expected. When you are expecting steampunk and you get a little fantasy thrown in, it can be confusing. I love the character of Mori, he reminds me of my Japanese teacher with how proper he is. I also have a very vivid picture of him in my mind thanks to Pulley’s description of him. If you’re looking for an introduction to steampunk, this is the book for you. It also touches on some historical events, though it also changes them to fit the story.


Aooni The Blue Monster



The WTF  look I had the first time that I watched this anime was there throughout the viewing experience. It’s a simple concept but I’m not sure what they aim for the anime was other than a very comedic anime. This is based on the video game Ao Oni, which made be realise that they called the show Blue Monster the Blue Monster.

We have a group of 4 friends who go to an abandoned mansion on a dare and get locked in. They are then attacked by the Blue Devil, also known as Aooni. Each episode ends with them dying in a different and horrific way. Also, at the end of each episode, the words Game Over screen appears on the screen just like when you fail in the game.

This is an interesting anime, however, with only 3 minutes we don’t get much of a story or to connect much with the characters themselves. However, the slap stick nature of this anime is endearing and if you have a sick sense of humour, like myself, then their deaths are funny too. For a short anime, it was really fun to watch in a morbid kind of way.


Anime de Training! Xx



So this is an anime where I watched it once and saw something, but then when I watched it again my opinion changed. I still love this anime, however, this is a total fanservice anime. I realised this while watching the second season of it.

We still follow the girls while they try to become idols. However, now they are all in the same house and work out together. Now there are still some excellent exercises in the anime but beware of the fan service. I didn’t notice how sexual they had made it the first time.

it is still a cute anime and as long as you can ignore the sexual innuendos then you’re good. However, since I am one you enjoys a good fan service anime I still really enjoyed this one.

Anime De Training! Ex

A Werewolf Boy



If you recognise the male actor in this poster… well that’s not surprise, as this is one of Song Joong Ki’s order works. This came out in 2012, well before the Descendants of the Sun aired.

We follow Soon Yi (Park Bo Young) and her family move to the country as Soon Yi has problems with her lungs. They find a strange boy (Song Joon Ki) living in the barn on the property. At first, they believe that he’s just another lost boy. Since he was so much older, no orphanage would take him in. Soon Yi’s mother decides to house them until they can find another option. As times goes on, the two teens start finding them more and more attracted to each other.

Don’t go into this movie wanting a heart warming story. It’s a tragic love story that is interesting to watch. I will say though if you want to know the calibre an actor is, cast them in a movie where they don’t say anything. Song Joong Ki’s first lines were about 10 minutes to the end of the movie. The scenes were shot beautifully and the scenery is amazing. It is worth a watch, but the ending might hurt a little.

Seventh Grave and No Body (Charley Davidson #7)



And we’re back, and sadly getting really close to the end of the series that are currently published. This makes me sad, but I’m going to work on getting another book series to read.

We start off this book, right after we left the other book. Charley is pregnant and freaking out about it, her father is missing and she’s brought into a cold case by the FBI. What’s more is that 12 Hellhounds are on her tail. Reyes is trying to get her to take a break, though she’s not hearing it. Could they be any more screwed?

This is a series that just gets better and better as it goes. In this book, they are officially engaged and it hasn’t lessened the story as of yet. Mind you, most of the story line comes from outside of their relationship. Since I love this series though I’m still terrified that the series will fall flat hen they get married. The overarching plot is becoming more intense and the plot thickens and the world is gaining depth. For people who like long series, we all know that some series start to fizzle but this one is still staying strong.


Sixth Grave on the Edge (Charley Davidson #6)
Eighth Grave After Dark (Charley Davidson #8)

Poco’s Udon World



Though this anime deals with a lot of sad and relatable topics. Based on a manga of the same name this fun loving anime really touched me.

We follow Tawara Souta, a web designer for Tokyo, who comes back to his childhood home after his father’s death to prep it for sale. While there he meets Poco, a shape shifting tanuki, who become attached to him. While taking care of Poco he lies to his family and friends about taking care of a friend’s child as to not be weird. He must struggle with his resurfacing memories while also figuring out what to do with Poco.

This slice of life anime is really cute. Poco’s character is this carefree child who seems to forget about his past and lives in the moment. However, when Souta is with Poco he begins remembering the time he has with his father. This makes him regret not treasuring his father more and not talking with him while he was alive. This makes him encourage his friend Nakajima to make up with his father. This is a really cute anime that hits you in the heartstrings. It’s totally worth the watch if only for the different ways that Poco and Souta try and hide te fact that he’s a Tanuki.