My Wife is The Student Counsil President



Ok… prepare yourself for ecchi and fan service in this anime. On Crunchyroll, there is the uncensored and censored version of this anime. The censored version is awkward so I would suggest watching the uncensored version but expect it to be explicit. Many bare breasts are shown.

We follow Hayato Izumi, after his plans to become the student council presidents are thwarted, he becomes the vice president to Ui Wakana. While he’s still trying to get over his defeat, he finds out that his parents have betrothed him to Wakana and they will be living together. Which, might I add, is against the school rules.

Each episode runs about 8 minutes long and it is filled with fan service and sexual innuendos. This anime is not shy about what it’s aiming to do and that is being titillation to men. I still really enjoyed the comedy aspect but I can see how this anime isn’t for everyone.


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