Kiss Him, Not Me!



Are you having withdrawal from  The High School Life as a Fudanshi, if you are then this is the anime for you. It’s based on the manga by the same name and it’s just as good as the anime. I love this reverse harem so much.

We follow Kae Serinuma, an otaku girl who is a little overweight. However, after her favourite character in an anime is killed off, she hides herself away for 2 weeks. When she emerges she has lost a tonne of weight and is now seen as very pretty. As soon as she’s back, 4 boys fall for her fast. At first, she tries to pass herself off as a normal girl as to not push them away, but that plan soon falls through and they are forced to either accept her as she is or to give her up. The boys seem ready to overlook everything but to their dismay she’s into BL and is more interested in their interactions together rather than their relationship with her.

Like I said earlier I absolutely love this anime. I really love when Shima Nishina is introduced. Not only is she interested in Serinuma but she also shares her love of everything BL and they get to have their own personal shows when they are alone with the boys. The scene with Serinuma losing weight again is especially funny because of Nishina. This is totally an anime for anyone who is into shoujo but it plays with the tropes nicely while also sprinkling the otaku culture with characters who don’t seem to unjderstad what’s going on.


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