Whatcha Wearin’?



This is not for the younger audience as it does contain nudity, coarse language and sex. Because apparently when I watch Korean movies it’s always the vulgar ones.  I really should watch a more appropriate one.

This movie is actually really, really cute, but I don’t encourage any of the actions in the movie. In this movie, we are introduced to 2 characters who are both having relationship issues. Yoon Jung (Kim A Joong) is in a failing relationship with her long-term boyfriend, Young Min (Moon Ji Yoon). She feels as if the love has run out in their relationship and has a suspicion that Young Min is no longer interested in her and is cheating on her. We are also introduced to Hyun Seung (Ji Sung), a struggling artist whose girlfriend of 7 years has decided to put an end to their relationship. After a misdial on Yoon Jung’s part, instead of calling her boyfriend she calls Hyun Seung and they end up having phone sex. The incident makes them phone friends and their relationship grows. However, Yoon Jung is still in her relationship and aiming for marriage with her boyfriend.

This movie has Hyun Seung as the other guy. At the beginning, we have the conversation about what constitutes as cheating. Because I feel like long before they actually slept together, Yoon Jung had been cheating on her boyfriend for a long time with Hun Seung. Also, Yoon Jung had been unhappy in that relationship for a long time and should have just ended it like an adult and not wait until the last minute as she did.

Regardless of that, though, I found this really cute. The honest and open relationship that Hyung Seung and Yoon Jung have even before meeting face-to-face is refreshing. They talk openly and honestly. The filming and writing were fantastic and really pulled you into the story ad rooting for the couple until the very end. The music was also amazing and really added to the scenes. I found this a very good movie overall and worth the watch.


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