DRAMAtical Murder



So an anime based on a dating sim. We’ve seen them before, however, this one actually has a good storyline to go with it.

We follow Aoba, a young man living in a futuristic Japan with his grandmother. He s friends with 3 of the local gang leaders, who all work hard to keep him safe because he refused to join any gang. Over the years, he has been told that his voice has a certain appeal but he simply doesn’t know why until much later.  Libtease is starting to surge even more in the underground circuit. Aoba tries to stay away until one day Noise forces him into a game and hints to knowing about Aoba’s past. Mainly the part of which he’s forgotten. Aoba starts looking into his past more and he, along with his friends, discover that not everything is as it seems.

This is a really good anime. There is shonen-ai implied but it isn’t very heavy in this anime. I have been told that if you like the game DRAMAticle murder you will not like the anime, but as I have never played the game I’m ok. The art style is really unique as are the colour choices. The character’s bright clothing is a stark contrast to the greyish background. This is a fun anime to watch and though there are quite a few characters, they are all well fleshed out.


One thought on “DRAMAtical Murder

  1. gardenlovepoet

    The only thing i can tell you about the game is that it shows more of a back story to some of the characters (I think there’s 2 games) But also it’s a very heavy yaoi type of thing as well there’s also a good ending and a…..”Bad” Ending to it (if you ever see walk through of the ending watch with caution)

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