Miss Bernard Said.



This short anime is so endearing in so many ways. As I am a book nerd, this hit a close home more than most people know. I am more like Shiori Kanbayashi than the main character but I still love this show.

We follow Sawako “Miss Bernard” Machida, a girl who yearns to be a reader due to the romantic quality of it. She wants to look sophisticated and romantic while sitting and reading. There is only one problem, however, she has a really short attention span and cannot finish a book. She instead researches the book to death and feels like she’s read it without actually reading it. Kanbayashi is a sci-fi book lover and though Machida annoys her with her act of trying to read without actually reading the book, she slowly grows on her.

Machida really does try to read through the anime, however, she just isn’t built for reading. I have people telling me all the time that they wish they could read as it is something that they like the idea of. I aim them towards audible and audio books that you can rent at the library as it allows you to get the story without having to stop and read. I personally listen to audiobooks when I’m on road trip as they pass the time. The characters are very relatable for me and will be for anyone who is really into reading. I can’t suggest this anime enough, and good news the episodes are really short as well! It won’t take very long to get through anime.



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