Finding a Schedule


So as some of you may know, I started a new job. This job doesn’t have a fixed schedule, one week I could be working 7a – 3p and the next I could be working 1p – 9p. This makes arranging my schedule for working on my blog very difficult. I am trying to figure everything out at the moment.

My schedule is so off that I haven’t kept up to date with Goblin or watched any dramas because at the end of my day I’m so tired and the weekend are filled with things that I have to do.

In 4 months, I’m moving so I’m arranging for that as well. My life doesn’t want to calm down so that I can go back to doing what I love. In 4 months, my commute is going to increase drastically so I’m really going to have to figure out what I am going to be able to do to keep up.

The book posts are written far in adv, at this moment the next Monday post I have to write is for March 27th. I have to write the Tuesday and Wednesday posts because their empty. My Tuesday and Wednesday podcasts also need to be recorded. I have 4 more Friday posts before I run our, ditto with my podcast.

I kinda want to to go back to my old job just for the schedule but with the people I have at my new job.

My life will eventually even out again I just need to figure out how to balance everything with this new job. I thank you for your patience with my hectic schedule.


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