Poco’s Udon World



Though this anime deals with a lot of sad and relatable topics. Based on a manga of the same name this fun loving anime really touched me.

We follow Tawara Souta, a web designer for Tokyo, who comes back to his childhood home after his father’s death to prep it for sale. While there he meets Poco, a shape shifting tanuki, who become attached to him. While taking care of Poco he lies to his family and friends about taking care of a friend’s child as to not be weird. He must struggle with his resurfacing memories while also figuring out what to do with Poco.

This slice of life anime is really cute. Poco’s character is this carefree child who seems to forget about his past and lives in the moment. However, when Souta is with Poco he begins remembering the time he has with his father. This makes him regret not treasuring his father more and not talking with him while he was alive. This makes him encourage his friend Nakajima to make up with his father. This is a really cute anime that hits you in the heartstrings. It’s totally worth the watch if only for the different ways that Poco and Souta try and hide te fact that he’s a Tanuki.


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