Aooni The Blue Monster



The WTF  look I had the first time that I watched this anime was there throughout the viewing experience. It’s a simple concept but I’m not sure what they aim for the anime was other than a very comedic anime. This is based on the video game Ao Oni, which made be realise that they called the show Blue Monster the Blue Monster.

We have a group of 4 friends who go to an abandoned mansion on a dare and get locked in. They are then attacked by the Blue Devil, also known as Aooni. Each episode ends with them dying in a different and horrific way. Also, at the end of each episode, the words Game Over screen appears on the screen just like when you fail in the game.

This is an interesting anime, however, with only 3 minutes we don’t get much of a story or to connect much with the characters themselves. However, the slap stick nature of this anime is endearing and if you have a sick sense of humour, like myself, then their deaths are funny too. For a short anime, it was really fun to watch in a morbid kind of way.



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