Like Father Like Son



This is not an easy movie to watch, mainly because it deals with suddenly finding out that your child is not your biological child and the ramifications of it.

The Nonomiya family is living their life like normal when one day Midori (Ono Machiko) gets a phone call from the hospital where their son Keita (Ninomiya Keita) was born. They are requested to be met. Midori and Ryota (Fukuyama Masaharu) go and are told that their child was swapped at birth. The Nonomiya family and the Saiki family meet and together they must decide whether or not to swap their children.

This movie really tugs on the heart strings. I can not even imagine what the people in this situation would really do. The actors were perfect and really brought the mixed emotions to the audience. This is a really good movie to watch if you want a more emotional movie.


A Caress of Twilight (Merry Gentry #2)



After the first book, the sex has increased in this novel as Merideth is trying to get pregnant before her cousin is freed from his punishment. It becomes the race for an heir for the two crowned Royals. Merry gets her harem of men to not only protect her but also to help her get pregnant. One of her trusty guards might very well become king if they are the first to impregnate her. Meanwhile, life continues on. As she’s working as a private investigator, she is brought before Maeve Reeds, a seelie who was banned from court 100 years before. Her request is simple, but someone out there wants to try and stop Merry before she can get to fulfilling Maeve Reeds request.

This is a ridiculous book but I love it. We have a faerie princess with a harem, in the anime community she has what we call a reverse harem, and they are all aiming for the position of king. Though they don’t want to go back to the Queen. Though Merry has some rough patches and struggles with her view on her new found power, in the courts. She comes out as a strong character. She does have a lot of help from her much older guards. Though the book is a little longer than I felt like it needed to be, it was still worth the read because it was still fun.

A Kiss of Shadows (Merry Gentry #1)
Seduced by Moonlight (Merry Gentry #3)

The Enforcers Series


This is something a little different but I though it would be fun to do this. Recently I have been reading a lot of novellas that come in series. So instead of given each of them a post I’m going to add them all in 1 post. Let’s try this out. Quick warning the novellas are mainly Erotica.


After revealing his secret Logan’s girlfriend left him. What makes things worst is that she was also heis mate. After having seen a couple of panters kill a man she runs straight to him for protection. Though they have some hard feelings she knows where she would be safe.

This is a really short 36 pg story but it’s written very much like a short story where are we jump in right in the middle of the rise. Given the 2 characters already had a past it was easy to by past the chemisty building. I quite liked this story. With this novel, unlike most erotic novels, the sex didn’t over take the book but added to it. I liked that aspect.


After a mission with the enforcers went really wrong and cost Jase the life of his partner, he needed to leave. He couldn’t trust himself to protect anyone any more. When he had a pit stop in Deals Gap, North Carolina, he finds something that he didn’t know was missing, Violet Black. With the truce between the cougar and wolf clan Deals Gap is a quiet town.

This is a very cute story of a person trying to find his center again and some one trying to find the love of their life. This book is longer than the first but it needed to be. It’s still short at a little 80 pages. The connection between the two characters happens really quick but if we all had the ability to find out who out life partner is we’d all go this quickly. Though the chemistry between them is intense I love when they throw Tobais in, Violet’s older brother. This book similar to the other one is not over powered with the sex scenes and is very interesting as a story as well.


Tobias has left his sister in the caring hands of her mate and now he heads to bear country to settle down and take Jase’s place among the enforcers. However, as soon as he arrives he’s blindsided by Layla, his new boss’ sister, being his mate. Layla is a hard headed she-bear and she could never find anyone who would put up with her strong personality. Tobais wouldn’t be able to handle a soft mate so she’s perfect for him, but first he needs to make sure that she’s safe.

This book features 2 characters that were mentioned in the other 2 books so we have an idea of who they are. I found that this book was the best by far. Shae really got into he groove with this novella. Tobias is an interesting character and he does make a sacrifice to make sure his mate was safe which is an excellent tool to use. Layla is a strong character who is targetted because of it. I feel like in out society of double standards that is something that a lot of stronger women have to deal with.

Overall it was a fun series to read and it’s totally worth it.

Kiitaro’s Youkai Picture Book



This is a really weird anime because there is one young boy, 2 young looking yokais and 2 old yokais. If there was more romance to it, we could almost call it a harem but that would just be weird. This is also a short anime so you can watch it in under an hour.

We follow Kiitaro, a young teenager who was banned from the main house by his grandfather for being lazy. He does, however, have a very strong 6th scene and can see the yokais that hang around his house. He starts to befriend them and starts to actually enjoy life outside of his video games.

This is a really cute anime that is worth the watch. The bright colours and the fluid animation style, really has you wishing that the episodes were longer than 4 minutes. The few yokais that we see are heavily based on folklore but that is ok for him. I enjoyed it immensely. The only yokais missing was a kappa and tanuki.

All Readers Please Read!!!!!



I have been bored lately so I wanted to get some feedback from the people who are always around. I have prepared a little survey with 6 questions and 4 or them are multiple choice. All answers are annonymous so feel free to say what ever you feel, but trolls all know who you are. You can either click on the image above or Here to pop over to the survey. I want to thank everyone who takes the time in advance. You’re awesome.

Astarotte’s Toy



This is a hard anime to review without first warning that this does contain Lolicon so if that offends you don’t even bother reading this review. This anime is filled with fanservice, ecchi content with a sprinkle of lolicon.

Naoya Tōhara is looking for a new job to support himself and his daughter, Asuha Tōhara. He goes to an interview and gets whisked off into an alternate dimension where succumb’s live. His purpose is to become part of Princess Lotte’s harem and make her accustom to men. He agrees to live in that dimension only if he can bring his daughter with him. Asuha comes to the alternate dimension and they all live together in the palace.

I enjoyed most of this anime. However, at times it did get a little uncomfortable. Because this is a fanservice anime, they do sexualise Lotte who looks like a child at times and I didn’t appreciate that. I knew walking in what I was getting into but I didn’t realise how much I would dislike it. After fast forwarding through a few scenes I still managed to enjoy the anime. It’s still a fun watch all in all.

Midsummer Formula



If you loved the Galileo series then this is right up your alley. This is the movie continuation after season 2 of Galileo. Just think of it as a 2-hour long episode of the series.

We follow Yukawa Manabu (Fukuyama Masaharu) who has been invited to give a talk about  Submarine Mineral Resources Development in Harigaura. However, on his second day there another lodger was found dead on the shore. Tsukazaka Kyohei (Yamazaki Hikaru), a young boy visiting his family, mentions how the death of the man makes no sense. Kishitani Misa (Yoshitaka Yuriko) Yukawa takes a liking to the young boy and together they try and figure out what happened. That is until Yukawa figures it out and makes sure that Kyohei never finds out.

I love the series and this is a really good continuation of it. I might have a mild crush on Fukuyama and his fabulous acting. This is definitely a movie to watch if you like crime fighting mysteries or the Galileo series.