Issues With Motivation


Hey Y’all!

So I don’t normally write things complaining and I really don’t want to start but I’m going to have to explain somethings. This is not going to be an excuse but more of trying to explain why things on this blog will probably be changing over the last little while.

So as some of you may know, I suffer from clinical depression. This causes me to lose interest in life and things going on around me. I lose motivation, passion and will for doing things. Sadly, I’m trying to work through my depression lately but all I want to do is to read and listen to music without having to think.

What does this mean for the blog? Well, I don’t feel like watching Dramas, movies, or anime. Being as more of my content is all of these things, this makes it very difficult. I love this blog and it has kept me going through some of my hard times so I do want to continue. However, I may not be able to keep the same schedule that I want to. I have written Anime reviews till about 1/2 through March, I have book reviews for all of April and every 2 weeks until July. I have no drama reviews and only 1 movie review left. I am struggling to keep up but I’m bored with it.

I need to find things that interest me and are not so repetitive. I love having a large backlog of posts for this very reason but I’m running out. For those who love my book reviews and anime reviews, don’t worry I still have a tonne of those. As for the Dramas that might be a little more difficult.

I’m going to be trying out different types of posts, different types of content. I need to stretch my creativity a little more that I have been. I will try to get back to my anime, movies and drama reviews but if you can just bare with me.

And, for those you who think meds is the answers. Please tell the ninjas to get off my lawn because they are very distracting from the insightful conversation that I’m having with my cat about world domination. Thank you.

Thanks for your patience and I love all of Y’all.



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