Based in the same family restaurant and as the other Wagnaria series. Similar to the original series, this anime is a comedic slice of life anime that is heavily character based. However, unlike the other anime, this one is focused on several story lines that make up the anime’s story line.

There are 12 characters all with very different personalities. Out of them, there are 3 couples that are formed by the end of the series, but you kinda see them coming from a mile away. I really love the character Kouki Saiki, he’s a 20 years old college student who doesn’t speak or understand Japanese because he was brought up outside of the country. This makes him the perfect candidate for some really silly slapstick moments because they play up the fact that he can’t talk the language so the other staff members tell him to say something so he does without knowing the meaning.

Overall this anime is a good spiritual successor to the original Wagnaria series. The characters are wacky, but it’s a much calmer show than the other one so don’t walk it to as much high energy. The characters’ chemistry is excellent and worth the watch.


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