Red Velvet Rookie


Now I will preface this with I love Red Velvet… but what was the person you thought up this music video thinking. Red Velvet normally has out there music videos but this one took the cake. I don’t normally like saying that something is bad, but I really can’t find any arguments to counter some people’s opinion that this isn’t their normally catchy melody.

Though this music video was vibrant like their others, the song left something to be desired. Their previous title tracks have all been very catchy but this track seems to not have this quality. I’m hoping the track grows on me because I really love this group.

To the actual music video. The video has an alice in wonderland theme. We have Irene acting like the puppet master to the girls as well as a marionette made of flowers. The first time that I say this, all I thought was WTF. This person was head to toe flowers and I felt so bad for the actor in the outfit.

Screenshot 2017-02-03 12.32.57.png

I will say that costumes her on point for the music video, though. I love the bright colours of the set and their clothes which is iconically Red Velvet. The outfits are very fun and are catered to each of the girls’ personality. I enjoyed the set as well with it’s fantastical feeling.

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This vides didn’t change how I feel1 about Red Velvet but it isn’t catchy like their other song which saddens me. After listening to the mini album, I would say that Happily Ever After has the iconic Red Velvet sound but I can understand that they may want to move away from the type of song. They could have also used Talk to Me but again it is not the title track of the album. This album contains a few ballads that work with their voices even though they are known for their catchy upbeat tunes. Overall, I like their album just wished the MV was another song.

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