If Cats Disappeared From the World



This is not a movie to watch if you want a happy movie. However, it is a beautiful story and excellently shot. It’s based on a book by the same name. I will admit that I clicked on it thinking that the title was funny and wondered what it was about. Also, during the movie, we never get the character’s name so we will call him postman.

We follow a 30-year-old postman (Satou Takeru) is plagued by severe and sudden headaches. He reaches out to a doctor about his headaches and get’s advised that he has a brain tumour. When he comes back home, he is greeted by a devil who tells him that he can leave if he erases one thing from the world. As he goes through trying to pick something to erase he is faced with different people in his life and what would be affected if the item was gone.

This is an emotional story that touches home. You can almost imagine what it would be like to know that you won’t wake up the next morning. Yet the idea of knowing that you have an option to survive but whatever you chose it will forever change your relationship with someone ou love. The beautiful use of flashbacks, scarce use of music and the visuals associated with the headaches were utilised perfectly. This movie pulls on the emotions and makes you relate to the character. I can only imagine what the novel must do. I would definitely recommend this movie but only when you want to have a sad movie day.


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