If you are looking for a fan service anime then this is for you. I am a huge fan of fanservice animes done right and this is a perfect example. I recently suggested it to one of my friends and I thought that I should actually review it here as well.

We follow Yūta Iridatsu, a highschooler who has been kicked out of his body by another spirit. Now there is a catch while he’s in spirit form if he sees a girl’s panties once then he is embayed with super powers. However, if he sees them a second time then he destroys the world. He has to work as a spirit to get his body back and figure out what exactly is happening in the world around him.

This is a very funny anime. They try to get serious but it just leaves you laughing. I suggested it to one of my friends who was looking for something to lighten his spirits while he was having a hard time. Since he relates more to male protagonists I suggested this one to him. The over exaggerations of a meteor hitting the earth if he sees 2 girls’ panties sequentially is hilarious. Even though there are some interesting aspects to the story that gives it depth, I really enjoy the slap stick nature of it.


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