Kaiju Girls



Do you like chibi drawings? Do you like girls fighting monsters and working together? Do you like scantily clad women, though it doesn’t look so bad because they’re chibi? If you so than this short anime is for you.

We follow a group of girls who are scouted to join a special school to teach them how to use their Kaiju powers. You will need a little bit of information that is given in the first episode. There was once a battle between Kaiju and humans. Once the Human’s won the Kaijus were absorbed into the human society and certain girls are born with their powers. The society has come to figured out how to control the Kaiju girls’ powers and use them for good.

This is a cutesy anime that is worth the watch. It’s short and loveable so it won’t take you long. It took me a while to realise how scantily clad they were because of their chibi forms. Normally it bothers me but this time it was hardly noticeable.  Totally worth a watch if you need something a little more light hearted.


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