Assassination Classroom



I felt the need to re-watch this anime again after I say that Koro Sensei Quest! started airing this season. This anime is just weird from the get go and given that this is fiction I’m going to ignore the glaring error of the world continuing existing as is with a crescent shaped moon rather than what we have now, but I digress.

After Koro-sensei destroys 70% of the moon and threatens to do the same to the earth, the government places him in charge of the  3-E classroom. Koro-sensei promises to give the students until March to kill him and in return, he won’t hurt them. No one knows the reason behind the ultimatum, except for the audience. He had promised the previous 3-E teacher, right before he died, to take care of her class. All the students are encouraged to use their own strengths to try and kill him. It looks hopeless until Karaba Akabane comes back from his suspension and as the king of the delinquents, he is an ace in this class.

This is a quirky yet dark anime. Some of the character’s back stories are sad and rough to watch. But at the same time, how close the students become and their relationship with Koro-sensei is actually quite nice. It ran for 22 episodes but it was an excellent show all the way through.  It kinda saddens me but at least we have Koro Sensei Quest! to enjoy now.


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