Astarotte’s Toy



This is a hard anime to review without first warning that this does contain Lolicon so if that offends you don’t even bother reading this review. This anime is filled with fanservice, ecchi content with a sprinkle of lolicon.

Naoya Tōhara is looking for a new job to support himself and his daughter, Asuha Tōhara. He goes to an interview and gets whisked off into an alternate dimension where succumb’s live. His purpose is to become part of Princess Lotte’s harem and make her accustom to men. He agrees to live in that dimension only if he can bring his daughter with him. Asuha comes to the alternate dimension and they all live together in the palace.

I enjoyed most of this anime. However, at times it did get a little uncomfortable. Because this is a fanservice anime, they do sexualise Lotte who looks like a child at times and I didn’t appreciate that. I knew walking in what I was getting into but I didn’t realise how much I would dislike it. After fast forwarding through a few scenes I still managed to enjoy the anime. It’s still a fun watch all in all.


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