Kiitaro’s Youkai Picture Book



This is a really weird anime because there is one young boy, 2 young looking yokais and 2 old yokais. If there was more romance to it, we could almost call it a harem but that would just be weird. This is also a short anime so you can watch it in under an hour.

We follow Kiitaro, a young teenager who was banned from the main house by his grandfather for being lazy. He does, however, have a very strong 6th scene and can see the yokais that hang around his house. He starts to befriend them and starts to actually enjoy life outside of his video games.

This is a really cute anime that is worth the watch. The bright colours and the fluid animation style, really has you wishing that the episodes were longer than 4 minutes. The few yokais that we see are heavily based on folklore but that is ok for him. I enjoyed it immensely. The only yokais missing was a kappa and tanuki.


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