Whoever added comedy to the description of this anime needs to be checked, or they have a really creepy sense of humour. This supernatural thriller is good and interesting but definitely doesn’t deserve a place in the comedy genre.

We follow nine people you are all brought together by a series of horrible events and one web blog about the occultic. When Yuta Gamon finds Sarai Hashigami’s father dead, he tries to hide away. However, this leads Sarai Hashigami and Shun Moritsuka straight to him. The group try and figure out who killed not only the professor but also the 200+ people found in the lake.

This is a very good but odd anime. All the characters on the ‘good’ side are almost as odd as the people they are trying to find. The animations are amazing and it really adds to the thriller aspect of the anime. Also, the storyline isn’t linear, so it is sometimes hard to see why something might be important, but trust me it will be. Overall, I quite love this anime and it is worth the watch.


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