Cougar Surrender Series



After being exiled for 4 years, Taylor has settled into his quiet life among humans and werewolves. However, his father’s health is on the decline and his banishment was overthrown so he’s making his way back to Anchorage. Meanwhile, Aspen get’s abandoned at a pit stop by her ex-friend and gets picked up by Taylor. What a lovely way to start a romance.

This is actually a really good start of a story. Chenery is a very good writer and she comes out to play in this novella. Her sex scenes are tasteful and well used. The main characters are well developed and you can actually believe that they could easily fall in love. Similar with most shifter books, if we all had magic to tell us who we belong with it would be easy to settle down. For a short read, this is a fun little read.



After Taylor settled down with Aspen, the rules about dating humans have relaxed a bit. So Blaise goes out hunting for a human mate. It doesn’t take long for him to find someone who spikes his interest. Similarly, once Harley sets her eyes on Blaise she decides that she has to have him. She comes up with a hair-brained idea to get close to him. Sure enough, he bites and they speed through the dating processes. All while Blaise worries about his father’s health.

Suspicions confirmed in this book and that’s all I’m saying about that. Harley as a character is a little too conveniently designed as a character, however, she’s perfect for Blaise. She has a very similar personality to Blaise which makes them a perfect fit. Blaise gets fleshed out a lot more in this book, natural, and he is very fun. I do which he had a job and wasn’t acting the part of a rich bum. Given my love for Chenery’s writing style, I loved how things were interconnected. This was an excellent continuation of the 1st novella.


After both of Jase’s cousins have found human mates, Jase is on the look out for one as well. Little did he know that while searching for his cousin Celeb to face justice, he would stumble across Katarina. The superintendent of Celeb’s knocks Jase’s socks off after threatening him with a bat. No afraid to throw her weight around despite her small size turns Jase on in many ways.

Though no matter how unlikely this story is, it’s still compelling. Chenery crafts a girl perfectly for each of the boys that we’ve met so far. Katarina is no exception. The chemistry, though not instantaneous, is still present a little later on. The descriptive writing that Chenery puts into this book is perfect for the point we are in the story. Only one book left and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.


After his brother found his human mate, Grady continues to frequent the bar looking for his own. One evening, when he left the bar he notices Celab. While going over him, Celeb gets a pipe and smashes it against Grady’s head. Enter Sage, a cop who comes and ‘saves’ Grady. To stop her from calling the ambulance, Grady kisses her and invites her out. In her confusion, she agrees and out story begins.

This is an excellent end to this story, though I still want the IT guy to find his mate. The story is tied up a little too neatly, but since these books focus primarily on the relationships then I forgive them. This book has the least amount of sex but the closest relationship. Grady is shown to be one of the most grown up in the family and he supported sage when she needs it most. This was by far the best book of the series.


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