Control Tower



Well, it’s been a minute since I’ve reviewed a Yamazaki Kento Film and so I delved back to 2011 to Control Tower and watched it. The first thing that You notice in his film is how young he looks. Though back then he would have been 16 years old so it’s to be expected.

We follow, Kakeru (Yamazaki Kento), he’s a boy bored with the repetitiveness of life. One day, Mizuho (Hashimoto Ai) transfers into his class and starts talking with him. After quite a bit of pestering, Kakeru starts to open up to her and treats her as a real friend. After finding his father’s old guitar, Mizuko suggests they make a band. Slowly they begin to grow together as people and friends.

This is a very touching movie, it shows how friendship can change a person. Mizuko is definitely a manic pixie dream girl, she changes Kakeru’s life and then disappears. However, I love the use of the character archetypes to further the story. The friendship depicted in this movie is quite sweet and felt real, which was refreshing.Overall, this was good movie and it shows how much Yamazaki-san has grown in his acting abilities.


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