Cardcaptor Sakura



Also knows as  Cardcaptors in English, this show defined some people’s childhoods. I am one of those people. Originally released in 1998, nearly 20 years ago, this anime still hold a special place in people’s hearts. There are 2 seasons but I’m going to review both in here, and this will not be the dubbed version because I go off on the difference in my podcast.

We follow Kinomoto Sakura, a grade schooler, through the adventure of a lifetime. She accidently scatters the Clow cards when she invokes the wind card. Kero, the book’s seal keeper, finally wakes up to discover that Sakura had scattered the Clow Cards. He then entrusts her with the magic sealing staff to re-seal the cards again.

After being granted the power over the Clow Cards, a mysterious transfer student called Eriol comes to Sakura’s school and odd things start happening. As Clow Reed’s magic begins to dwindle, Sakura must transfer the card into Sakura cards and find out what’s causing the events around her with Syaoran’s help.

This anime is one of my favourites animes from my childhood. I marginally watched the dubbed version and though I love the voice acting, the massive changes to the content irks me. You can listen to my podcast but overall I love this anime. This could totally be nostalgia but I also found that if a Cosplayer just focused on Sakura for her costumes then they would be set for their entire career. It’s a light-hearted anime, with fantastic characters that I want to cosplay all of them. It’s very colourful which is always fun. The school aspect of this anime is very believable and I would love to live in this world. It’s totally worth a watch if you haven’t already seen it.


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