This short anime was ridiculous and funny. There is some fanservice in this but it’s kept to a minimum. They even point it out in the series when Amino Tokine’s outfit is revealed for the first time.

Amino is a normal 22-year-old girl working as the CEO’s secretary at her company. One day she is dragged into Quizon by Hacchine, a rabbit in a top hat. She’s told that she must solve the¬†riddle to be returned back to her dimension. When she does solve the riddle, a Q-stone is released¬†which is a distilled version of human ingenuity. The Q-stone is actually what Hacchine is after.

This is a short anime with each episode only running about 5 – 7 minutes a piece. It’s funny and the riddles are very hard. Maybe more for me¬†because I’m still not fluent in Japanese. However,¬†it was really fun to watch. She store is pretty light and there isn’t any¬†bad guys or good guys, but Amino kinda acts the way that most people would I think. I kinda hope that there is going to be a second season¬†for this anime.



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