This short anime was ridiculous and funny. There is some fanservice in this but it’s kept to a minimum. They even point it out in the series when Amino Tokine’s outfit is revealed for the first time.

Amino is a normal 22-year-old girl working as the CEO’s secretary at her company. One day she is dragged into Quizon by Hacchine, a rabbit in a top hat. She’s told that she must solve the riddle to be returned back to her dimension. When she does solve the riddle, a Q-stone is released which is a distilled version of human ingenuity. The Q-stone is actually what Hacchine is after.

This is a short anime with each episode only running about 5 – 7 minutes a piece. It’s funny and the riddles are very hard. Maybe more for me because I’m still not fluent in Japanese. However, it was really fun to watch. She store is pretty light and there isn’t any bad guys or good guys, but Amino kinda acts the way that most people would I think. I kinda hope that there is going to be a second season for this anime.



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