Puella Magi Madoka Magica



I am not a fan of magical girl animes, as anyone who has read my reviews would know. I keep trying and keep failing to like them. (The exception being Cardcaptor Sakura.) Though this is a magical girl anime, this is more of a commentary of the anime rather than really being one. It plays with tropes of the Magical girl genre and breaks them.

We follow Kamane Madoka, who possess dormant magical abilities and when Kyuubey finds her, he offers her powers to become magical girls. After meeting Tomoe Mami and seeing how much she loves her life Madoka nearly agrees, however, Akemi Homura keeps stopping her. For the entire series, Madoka isn’t a magical girl until the last anime and uses her wish to save her friends, or so she thinks.

This is an excellent anime, however, it is very dark. Don’t go in expecting a light-hearted anime, because that this is not. The animation style is fantastic and the alternate dimension that the girls fight in is well designed and a little trippy. The art style is like Akame ga Kill was mixed with some bright colours. They break the tropes associated with magical girls, such as deaths in a fight and the power of friendship beating all evils. I love this anime because of how it’s not what you would expect it to be at first glance. I would suggest this to anyone, even if you’re not into magical girl animes.


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