I’ve Always Liked You



This is a very cute movie for all the shojō lovers in the audience. It circles around the 7 teenagers in the poster, however, the main characters are Enomoto Natsuki and Setoguchi Yū.

Natsuki and Yū have been best friends since they were children. Natsuki tries to confess her love to Yū but chickens out last minute. She lies and tells him that she actually wants to use him as practice so that she can practice her confession on him. He agrees to be her friend but he secretly loves her and doesn’t want her to be with anyone else. Meanwhile, Mochizuki Sōta is in love with Hayasaka Akari and struggles with his feelings to confess. Simultaneously, Serizawa Haruki and Aida Miō are in a weird middle ground between dating and being friends.

This is a shojō at it’s finest. I would have loved this story to be in a full anime form, but I recognise that there isn’t enough story to stretch out in 4 hours. The story really draws you in and you want each of the couples to have a succesful relationship. This is a movie that I really enjoyed and it gave me something that I didn’t have to watch for too long.



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