Psycho-Pass Season 1



Ok so the poster is actually for season 2 but, Shhh, don’t tell anyone. This anime is one of my favourites. Because season 1 and 2 are not direct continuations I’m going to review them separately.

In the not so distant future, if you so much as think of a crime you can be convicted. That is the society that our characters live in. If you are working in the police force and do not meet the quota for the psycho-pass then you are handed over to another enforcer until you can obtain a passing score or fall so deep that you are incarcerated. We primarily follow Kyougami Shinya, who do to a trauma in his past he can no longer pass the test so he is to be monitored by his partner, Tsunemori Akane, who is very special as well. Akane can never fail the test. She always scores near perfect on the test no matter what happens. These two are sent head on into trouble that stems from Shinya’s past.

I love the animation style of this anime. The cyberpunk designs and the thought that even when into the guns that they use. I dislike that the society stigmatises mental health issues, however, it does go perfectly with the dystopian environment that they are going for. The thriller aspect is fantastic and even the villain is clever. Though he does remind me of a saner version of Muraki Kazutaka from Descendents of Darkness. All-in-all I really love this show and if you’re into psychological thrillers this is probably for you.



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