The Hungry Ghosts



It took me a while to read this book not because it is bad, but because it deals with some heavy hitting topics. If you want a lighthearted book this is probably not for you.

This books follows a troubled girl by the name Alice Safford. She is the daughter of a British governor living in Hong Kong in  1970’s. She is neglected by her parents and by her siblings. Meanwhile, Lin Shui is a ghost of a Chinese girl who raped and murdered by a Japanese soldier during their occupation of Hong Kong. While Alice suffers alone, Lin Shui attaches to Alice as a food source to live with her. While Alice pushes through life, Lin Shui is there for the ride.

This book is written in an interesting way. Though the book is all about Alice it is written in everyone else’s point of view. The closest view that we have to Alice’s point of views is Lin Shui’s. We get to watch while Alice grows and goes through the trials of her life. This book deals with a lot of issues that might be hard for people do deal with, like abortion, rape, suicide, ect. There are a lot of things that this book sheds light on and it is an interesting ride.


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