Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid



This I a little bit of weird anime, but a fun one. If you have been anywhere online over the last few months, then you’ve probably seen the lolli-dragon, Kanna, pop up on your screen. Don’t worry there is more to this that just Lolli Dragons.

Kobayashi might have made a mistake one drunken night when she invites a dragon to come live with her and be her maid. Well, that’s exactly how Tohru the dragon came to live with her. Tohru is seemingly in love with ¬†Kobayashi, but she works hard to fit in in the human world. Slowly Tohru is followed by more and more dragons. Kobayashi might have bite-off more that she can chew.

I¬†adored this slice-of-life anime. Though it looks like it might be filled with bubble-brained characters, all of the characters are actually really relatable.¬†Each character¬†has their own development and you really get a feel for each of them. Though this is a¬†lighter anime, the story doesn’t feel like fluffy that makes it different than a lot of slice-of-life comedies. This is a really good anime and I would suggest youwatchh it.


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