Kimi no Na wa.



I was lucky and actually got to see this movie on the big screen in my town. They were playing it at a local movie theater. Though I could have watched it with English dub, I decided to walked it with the sub-titles to practice my Japanese.

Imagine waking up and being in some one else’s body. This is exactly what happens to Taki and Mitsuha. They are two high school students that couldn’t be any different. Mitsuha lives in a small town, is the daughter of the mayor and a shrine maiden. Taki lives in Tokyo and works part-time at the restaurant. When they start switching  bodies, it takes some time to get used to it. However, one day it suddenly stops. Taki starts looking into what happened to Mitsuha that would cause them to no longer switch.

This is a very good movie, it uses imagery that links the entire movie. There is a reoccurring theme of the red string of fate. Taki receives a red ribbon from Mitsuha which links the two of them together. The landscape is also break taking and the art style really plays to it as well. The story is also very refreshing. I personally have not seen the experience of swapping back and forth between 2 different bodies used for the reason used in the film. I would really suggest watching the movie, to find out for yourselves why it is so critically acclaimed. It can be found on Kiss Anime if  you can’t find it any where else.


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