The Vanguards Series



Sugar and spice and everything nice has been the banned in Sugar’s existence since she was born. Since then she craves a quiet life. However, after her best friend was transformed into a werewolf and his pack found themselves living next door to her, things have gotten complicated. After the Omegas were issued a challenge, the werewolves only have the choice of becoming warrior, so they hire a vampire warrior to show them what to do. Daedalus, an old vampire, becomes intrigued when the group of werewolves reach out. He came for entertainment, but he didn’t expect to find a human to steal his heart. Sugar’s life will never be the same.

This is a fantastic book. The story is strong as are the character development. You get to really get a feel for the characters in only 78 pages. The writer manages to incorporate the history of the world in the book as well. It is a light book with an easy writing style. For anyone who loves urban fantasy, this is a really good book… so long as you don’t mind a little sex a long the way. Sugar actually acts like a woman would act if their lover was a vampire. The character are very realistic and don’t see the world through rose colour glasses, which I like.


Spice returns back to her sister’s house in Chicago, after falling flat on her face in Las Vegas. She aims to set up a better life and for her that mean reuniting with her estranged twin. When she arrives she quickly finds out that Sugar has shacked up with Daedalus and she isn’t exactly thrilled. She is, however, very happy to see Eric and who he’s grown up to be. He’s still in shock when he finds out that Spice has returned, let alone interested in him. However, as an alpha he must take a mate and he can’t put it off any longer and Spice gets pulled right into the middle.

After the first book, I had high hopes and this book delivered. Nicholas continues to expand the world of her characters. The werewolves’ history and culture continues to get expanded. The character’s relationships continue to deepen and we get to find out more about some of their pasts. I love seeing how Nicholas incorporates the tidbits of information of the world into the story. I will be the first to admit that Spice doesn’t follow Sugar’s cautious nature, but that works with the character that was built. Spice’s time away, or at least what was revealed to Eric, makes it understandable why she has a different view on supernatural people, ie vampires and werewolves, than her younger twin. I enjoyed this book as much as the last.


Eric is away on his honeymoon, which leaves Robert in charge of the pack as the beta. Being a not so confident geek, this makes things really hard for him. With a trouble pack mate named Talon, he has his hands full. So when a Slayer comes to town thanks to a bounty on Daedalus’ head, he finds himself between a rock and a hard place. Though he knows that a slayer is bad new, his beast wants to make her his mate. 3 days ’til Eric’s return, he’s got this… he thinks.

This was a fun read. This wasn’t as interesting as the first 2 but that might be because I couldn’t relate to the characters as much. Daedalus is in this book quite a bit and we do get to find out more about him and his feelings to Sugar. Though I like the pairing between Robert and Esther, it didn’t really feel realistic. It’s a a nice book, but not my favourite from the series.



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