So while I was moving, I didn’t have much time to watch anime. That being said, I didn’t marathon this anime one night. It’s a short anime with each episode running only 5 minutes a piece. Thre is also 2 other series that I haven’t watched sadly. Give me 2 weeks and I’ll watch them.

The description on cruchyroll doesn’t really match with this anime. We follow a manga club that consists of Ai, Mai and Mi. These girls have vivid imaginations that they let roam free. Instead of working on their manga, as that is their club activities, instead, the distract themselves with far out fantasies and inane adventures.

This is a really funny anime that I enjoyed this anime and it reminds me a lot of Teekyu with the fast action and weird comedy. This is not your standard slice-of-life anime, however, this is well worth the watch in my opinion. It won’t take you much time to watch it.

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